BeautyWorksWest, Gentleman’s Laser Hair Removal

BeautyWorksWest, Gentleman’s Laser Hair Removal


  • Reviewers name – Michael Grenville
  • Title – Editor of Gentlemans Butler “Gentlemans Lifestyle Consultant”
  • Occupation – Editor and Consultant
  • Review description – BeautyWorksWest, London for Laser Hair Removal
  • Location – Westbourne Grove-Notting Hill, London
  • Date – Sessions throughout 2013
BeautyWorksWest - Laser Hair Removal -
BeautyWorksWest – Laser Hair Removal –


Beautyworkswest is a salon I have reviewed before.

See BeautyWorksWest luxury Ling Oxygen facial, Notting Hill

Located at 8-9 Lambton Place just off Westbourne Grove.

This is the first time I have ever had or reviewed a permanent treatment so I needed absolute confidence that I wanted to do it and that the treatment would be totally safe as my health comes first.

I am looking for class and distinction for Gentlemens grooming, so I need the best rather than just OK

I had come along for a patch test and discussed at length, asking lots and lots of questions. I imagine that at this point all those people that know me are thinking ….ahhhh poor them, I bet he boored them silly !!!

Well whether I did or not there was no pressure and I decided at my own speed.

I have been waxed before and I liked the feel and look. As I have been focusing on toning my body up I decided on having my back and chest done.

1 – Standard of Service  – Exceptional, and I truly mean that. Not only do they know what they are doing but the therapist Ridah is a real gem, making one feel at home.

2 – Description of Product/Service – (information and quality of service, ingredients) –

Whats entailed ….

Firstly they do a patch test, a form is filled out and various fundamental medical questions are asked. You should not wax for 4 weeks prior to your laser treatment.  Shave the night before, do not drink prior and some other basic information which includes some tanning instructions.

I had a course of 6 booked, taking place at approximately 6-10 week intervals based on one’s hair growth; as our body is covered by approximately five million hair follicles, each cycling through the three phases of the hair-growth cycle.

Each booking lasts for about 2 hours (front and back) during which one can read, sleep or have a nice chat or a mixture of all three.

A nice cup of tea, bowl of nuts and I’m happy.

They use cold gel though which is fine though once on. On go the safety glasses and then The Soprano XL laser goes into action which uses one of the latest lasers. Having had all the rumours of pain I have been told this laser was far better, with cooling systems and far less pain. Pain, pain did anyone mention pain!                         To be honest I was not looking forward to any of this, but though not painless its fine. It hurts a bit more on areas with less skin but I was fine and Ridah was very sensitive to any pain issues, as the intensity of the laser can be altered.

This is what BeautyWorksWest says …….The Metrosexual Man is old news and the thinking woman’s totty is much more the old fashioned man’s man: think Sean Connery’s Bond. However, as much as we may love our Martinis shaken, not stirred, this is not an excuse for you to walk about looking like the Missing Link! If you are afraid to take your shirt off for fear of someone reporting a Yeti sighting, your visit to us is well overdue! With our state-of-the-art Soprano XL hair removal system, we can sort out your unwanted fuzz quicker than you can say “Morning, Moneypenny”……..

After 2 sessions I am starting to see the difference, am relaxed and glad I decided to take the plunge

BeautyWorksWest - Laser Hair Removal -
BeautyWorksWest – Laser Hair Removal –


3 – Suitability for Gentlemen – Very much so, however do confer with your loved one. Gentlemens grooming at its best, delivered with class and distinction.

4 – Comfort? – One of the best beauty experiences I have ever had, pampered, looked after and feeling that I am being treated by experts

5 – The Luxury/Pamper Factor – the feeling you have of being in a place of excellence

6 – Above and beyond the call of duty? attention to detail and care

7 – Punctuality/Duration – On time

8 – Value for Money Yes

9 – Gentlemans Butlers Rating – 90%

10 – Gentlemans Butler suggestions – NA

8-9 Lambton Place, Notting Hill London, W11 2SH

T 020 7221 2248

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For more information on either please ring +44 (0)20 8780 5234 or





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