Beautiful Bottoms, English lingerie for an elegant younger lady

Beautiful Bottoms, English lingerie for an elegant younger lady

“Luxury Ladies Gifts” “Luxury Lingerie”

  • Reviewers name – Michael Grenville
  • Title – Editor of Gentlemans Butler, luxury blog and lifestyle services provider
  • Occupation – Editor and Consultant
  • Review description – Buying luxury lingerie for a ladies gift
  • Location –
  • Date – 06 December 2012
Beautiful Bottoms lingerie - gift packaging -
Beautiful Bottoms lingerie – gift packaging –

Buying lingerie for your wife or girlfriend is partly exciting, partly terrifying. You want to please and not offend. At GB we are increasingly finding some real GEMS, Beautiful Bottoms established in 2009 by Lauren Skerritt and Poppy Sexton-Wainwright during their final year at Newcastle University is one just case.

“I thought I liked these people” mmmm “ Why is that Michael?” ….well I also went to Newcastle and may I say I had a fantastic time.

Anyway! fascinating I know.

Beautiful Bottoms Quartz ruched knicker -
Beautiful Bottoms Quartz ruched knicker –

I genuinely loved their designs because they are classy and non fussy. With my phychologist’s head on I think they suite ladies who love classy minimalism and if you are thinking of whisking your loved one off to the Bahamas these would be perfect stocking filler.

1 – Service

Very simple and hassle free.

You can email with any questions

Some tips “check out what sizes are in her wardrobe or if you don’t have access to this, then the robes, playsuits, dresses and slips could be a great option”

“if you really have no clue… then shirts are perfect for beach cover-ups, are one size fits all!”

All of the new collection will come gift wrapped in tissue paper and a branded gift box.  Beautiful red ribbon is added during Christmas and Valentines periods. If you want to add a personal note, there is an option for this.

2 – Description of Product/Service

When presented with the perfectly wrapped box our lingerie reviewing lady smiled as she always loves a box wrapped in ribbon. With a smile she vanished, only hearing the rustle of tissue paper.

Lingerie is beautiful but also very personal. A week later she came back having warn, washed and enjoyed and simply said “their lovely and perfect for the beach”

QUARTZ RUCHED KNICKER: low-rise style ruched silk knickers The vibrant leopard print exudes sexiness and femininity whilst the delicate frill sits superbly against the skin and can be born underneath clothing or simply on its own.
This 100% silk night robe manifests luxury and splendour and can be worn in the bedroom or as the perfect beach cover-up. The robe features slightly flared sleeves and is delicately thigh skimming, amplifying natural femininity whilst maintaining sophistication.

Beautiful Bottoms Lingerie "Robe and Knickers" -
Beautiful Bottoms Lingerie “Robe and Knickers” –





















Suitability for Gentlemen – are perfect for Gents as its simple! We like simplicity.

Comfort – yes yes, very fine for sipping a rum, whilst looking out to sea mmmmm!

The Luxury/Pamper Factor – The quality of the material and the cut is just right.

Gentlemans Butlers Rating – 85%

Beautiful Bottoms Quartz padded bra and ruched knicker -
Beautiful Bottoms Quartz padded bra and ruched knicker –

Gentlemen’s Butler offers 2 services


One to one service where we advise and/or undertake the buying of gifts and services for a client


Become a Gentlemen’s Butler brand which will have our full endorsement, which recognises the companies and products class and status.

For more information on either please ring +44 (0)20 8780 5234 or

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