Atkinsons of London Luxury Gentlemans Perfume, a historic fragrance

Atkinsons of London Luxury Gentlemans Perfume, a historic fragrance

July 8th, 2013

Atkinsons of London perfume – Luxury English perfume and grooming –
By Marine During – Journalist and lifestyle consultant in Gentleman’s Butler –
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Atkinsons of London -
Atkinsons of London –

















“The bear is reborn”

Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, Rupert, Baloo, The Bisounours… and so many other bears are such well-known names, do you not think?…
Maybe we have forgotten the smartest and most gentle of them all: Atkinsons of London!

Believe it or not, Atkinsons of London the unforgettable Maison of perfume since 1799 has hidden a bear for about 200 years.
After their hibernation, Atkinsons of London and its growly bear have awoken from their slumber fully refreshed and revived.

At Gentleman’s Butler we had the chance to meet the bear waking up from its long sleep as it showcased its re-invented line of fragrances which will tickle your nose buds…

Atkinsons of London -
Atkinsons of London –












In the early Spring of 1799, James Atkinsons, a self-made gentleman from the wilds of Cumberland, set forth by carriage for the glorious city of London. In his suit pocket were recipes for fine scents and toiletries of his own making. Next to him sat a sizeable quantity of rose-scented bear grease balm. Next to the balm sat a growly bear which was thoroughly devoted to James.
This balm was a huge success and lots of people hurried to the door of the 44 Gerrard Street to procure this fantastic balm.
On the crest of his popularity, Atkinsons decided to create a cologne which will be different from all others: the “English Eau de Cologne”. The aromas of the cologne exude out of the expectations of Aktinksons while King George the IV smelled it and proclaimed Atkinsons of London as the official Perfumer to the Royal Court of England.

A smell of success was in the air… “The Nuptial Bouquet”, “The British Bouquet”, “The Odd Fellow’s Bouquet”, “Fashion Decree” were the names of the fragrances created by the bear to meet demand.
Thanks to his success Atkinsons of London opened their headquarters at 24 Old Bond Street and called his impressive cologne “24 Old Bond Street”. A good name for a good place, don’t you think?

On June the 4th 2013, Gentleman’s Butler was the secret guest for the relaunch of these impeccable fragrances heritage. This sleep, which would have turned pale Snow white was essential to continue the fairy tale of their truly incredible fragrances story.
Gentleman’s Butler was in the right place to tell the story of the bear waking from his sleep, without the kiss of the prince but with a classic combination of English society and the crème de la crème of French perfume houses whom have so successfully re-invented these original fragrances.

At Gentleman’s Butler, we fell in love with the re-imagined of the “24 Old Bond Street” cologne created by Christine Nagel & Violaine Collas from fragrance house Mane.

Atkinsons of London -
Atkinsons of London –











1. Description of the perfume: A new definition of gentility…

. In a first smell: Smelling a soft forest of junipers in Greece and discovering cardamom seeds during this walk, letting your senses in breath or feel the Mediterranean warmth.

. Secondly, on this sunny journey the heart of the perfume is a Turkish Rose absolute and from Arabia the hot and musky amber.

. Last but not least, the peated cask accord is inspired by a famous single malt whisky to anchor the perfume in a smoky scent. 

Atkinsons of London -
Atkinsons of London –








2. Suitability for Gentlemen… and Gentlewomen…

Ladies and Gentlemen could both be attracted thanks to its slightly acid touch.
A real smell of summer, a “zest” of sun and a touch of edgy elegance

3. The perfume bottle: with sobriety for sure…

Square edged and designer, a bottle with no frills… It works perfectly. A feeling of simplicity and minimalism that remains with us since the 90’s.

4. Gentlemans Butler rating: 87%
We all have our Proust madeleine!

Four other fragrances were created by Atkinsons of London.

Click on Atkinsons of London for more information and details of stores.

Atkinsons of London -
Atkinsons of London –










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Don’t forget use « Bear »fume…


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