ANTIKBAR, Vintage Poster experts on London’s Kings Road

ANTIKBAR, Vintage Poster experts on London’s Kings Road

“Luxury Gentlemans Interiors” “Luxury Gentlemans Art”

  • Reviewers name: Aleksandra Burdzy
  • Title: PR Assistant to Gentleman’s Butler, luxury blog and lifestyle service provider
  • Review description: ANTIKBAR – Classic Original Vintage Poster Art
  • Date – 06 December 2012
Travel to Egypt, Ceylon and Burma (1930’s) , Courtesy of AntikBar


AntikBar can be described as quick, efficient, and helpful. The website is well laid out, clear and easy to follow with company, delivery, news and events, collections advice and latest products. The proposal of featuring AntikBar’s Original Vintage Poster Art on Gentleman’s Butler was something that we simply could not resist.


Stylish posters are a great way to add colour and an individually unique statement to any room of the home, office or holiday retreat and can be suited to the size and budget as required. The variety of subjects and styles in poster design make them adaptable to any interior design, from contemporary to traditional and appealing to both genders of any age. Original vintage posters are also highly collectible, sought after, educational and are recognised as a sound art investment. Antique and vintage items, they are naturally eco-friendly, with price ranges ranging from very affordable to high, appealing to an extremely large customer base.

“My passion for poster art and graphic design started in 1993 when I saw a poster for an exhibition of one of the Russian constructivist artists from 1920-30s at the Museum of Modern Art in New York”, Kirill Kalinin, AntikBar

St Moritz (1932), Courtesy of AntikBar

Although AntikBar primarily deal and specialise in original vintage posters, they exclusively produced a poster pack for an exhibition of original 1920-30s Soviet travel posters that they held in Moscow which I have been lucky enough to look at- they are incredibly unique and a great take on history. The pack includes 24 reprints with a description in Russian and English on the back cover. It is listed on AntikBar’s website:

There are plenty more on the website, There is a selection of boards on Poster-related articles from the press (Antiques Trade Gazette, Financial Times, BBC etc.) and auction reviews are listed on the website on the News & Events page.



Suitability for Gentlemen

Philips Autoradio (1950s)- Courtesy of AntikBar

AntikBar is a London-based online business specialising in original vintage posters covering a variety of subjects including Travel, Geography, Advertising, Sport, History, Cinema, War and Propaganda- from around the world starting in the early 1700’s era through to 2010’s. Attending fairs and events throughout the year, Antikbar offers worldwide delivery, collection advice, consultancy and search on demand services for both individual clients and interior designers.

Gentlemans Butlers Rating – 90%

To view more of AntikBars products please visit:

Website address –

Gentlemen’s Butler offers 2 services

•           TAYLOR MADE

One to one service where we advise and/or undertake the buying of gifts and services for a client


Become a Gentleman’s Butler brand which will have our full endorsement, which recognises the companies and products class and status.

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