Afternoon Tea served at Fortnum & Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon

Afternoon Tea served at Fortnum & Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon has been an institution for centuries, brewing and importing tea since 1707.

Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon Scones & Petit Fours
Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon Scones & Petit Fours

There are few things that evoke the etiquette, class and civility than afternoon tea and so experiencing one of the flagships of English society that is Fortnum & Mason where you can experience centuries of knowledge which is exactly why they hold the Royal Crest and why international visitors along with home grown regulars mix to enjoy this most elegant and gentle of pastimes all with the confines of Fortnum & Mason and the design that has made them world famous.

Highly Recommended and no reason why this should not be a regular pastime.

Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea- Scones & Jam

Who doesn’t love a spot of Afternoon Tea? It’s the perfect excuse to gather your closest friends together.

Afternoon Tea has been an institution at Fortnum & Mason for centuries.

The Piccadilly flagship has been brewing and importing tea since 1707 and offers a wide array of blends on its menu, with expert tearistas available to guide guests through the selection.

Tea Salon
Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is served in the award winning Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon where guests are served an array of sandwiches with classic favourites using the finest ingredients such as Rare Breed Hen’s Egg Mayonnaise with English Cress, Norfolk Cured Ham with English Mustard, Cucumber with Mint Cream Cheese and Coronation Chicken.

Their rooftop Smoked Salmon is served in with a Tartare Dressing. Freshly baked scones are presented with clotted cream along with Fortnum’s Strawberry Preserve & Lemon Curd and on the highest tier, a delicious plate of patisserie. Diners are also treated to a dessert trolley serving up exquisite cakes to add to you’re the afternoon tea experience.

Cup and Saucer
Fortnum Mason Afternoon Tea – Cup & Saucer

New on the menu is Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea, the latest evolution in Fortnum’s 312-year tea history and an exciting non-alcoholic bubbly blend of eight of Fortnum’s finest and rarest teas, grape juice and lemon juice.

Fortnum & Mason
181 Piccadilly
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7734 8040

Chocolate Petit Four
Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea – Chocolate Petit Four

Prices: Afternoon Tea served with a choice of Fortnum’s Famous Blends from £55 per person

Availability: Monday to Thursday 11.30am – 7pm, Friday – Saturday 11am – 7pm and Sunday 11.30am to 5.45pm

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