A “bee”licious Afternoon Tea The St Ermin’s Hotel

A “bee”licious Afternoon Tea The St Ermin’s Hotel

Dear readers “This is the End” (yes James Bond or Adele live in me)… Our final Trilogy begins and as you know all good things come to an end but with sweets it’s even better!


Chapter III: “Bee”licious Afternoon Tea… An afternoon “b”ea in the trendy St Ermin’s Hotel…

This is 100% the spirit of « Bees and honey»!!!

The Gentleman’s Butler Team was comfortably seated on velvet armchairs and ready to taste and enjoy a “Honey afternoon tea”.

St Ermin's Tea Lounge
St Ermin’s Tea Lounge


  1. The place:

A theatrical balcony overhanging the lobby hiding a secret (spy world remember) lounge, a quiet interesting combination of Art Nouveau Rococo plasterwork and modernity give us the feeling to be (bee? …) in the dining room of our sweet Auntie…

It’s a pretty place.


Tea in the Tea Lounge
Tea in the Tea Lounge


2. The sweets:

All the menu is based on honey to emphasize this very secrete nectar coming from the roof…

You will start with hot freshly baked scones served with the popular clotted cream and homemade jams. You can choose between three types of scones:

– Cranberry & roast nut

– Mature cheddar

– Lightly salted

Then you will be brought on a cake stand a variety of Savoury salt pastries

– Lobster tart

– Spinach and blue cheese


A selection of closed and open sandwiches

– Honey goats’ curd

– Maple mustard salmon

– Cucumber & mint

– Duck liver on honey fig bread


And “bien sur” a selection of sweet pastries

– Apricot tart

– Milk chocolate & bee pollen macaroons

– Peach, honey & yogurt mousse

– Mango bavaroise, caramelised white chocolate

The "bee"licious pastries
The “bee”licious pastries


To drink with this delicate honey food you will have a selection of Jing teas: for Michael a very British Darjeeling and for me a delightful Lapsang souchang… Good taste and strong smell!



3. The Must-have:

Gentleman’s Butler preference: The warm and fluffy scones especially the cranberry ones!!! Don’t miss them with the smooth clotted cream!!! Plunge them into the cream without any guilt!!!

We love also… the milk chocolate and bee pollens Macaroon. So French, so chic!

In a word a “bee”autiful experience to try!


More information here:

It costs 29 £ for an Afternoon tea

St Ermin's exterior day
St Ermin’s exterior day

St Ermin’s Hotel

2 Caxton Street, London SWIH OHW

tel + 44 (0)20 7222 7888



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